Thursday, November 6, 2014

Great Books

Well this is the beginning of my 'great books' series. The idea is that every time I get a good book that I'd like to suggest, I'll post it for all you all to see along with links on where to get it.

For my first book, one that I just received from my all knowing oldest brother...

"Save the Cat!"

Now you might be thinking, "What type of a book would be called that???" Well it's a screen-writing book. The book that has completely transformed my writing skills and gave me the ability to write my very first book (...coming soon!) which if I can say is a great accomplishment. 

All though I would warn that he is not a Christian, I do believe that there are many things we can learn from the pros, Christian or not.

This book has now been added to my shelf and I hope you writers out there will find time to add it to your's.

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