Friday, December 19, 2014

Sneak Peek 2

Here's another more sneak peek for you all out there!

It was long past sundown, Frank leaned up against the side of the helicopter and glanced at his watch, “10:05 pm”  “Where are they?” he asked himself. He searched the surrounding sand dunes, but they were no where in sight. “There’s no way Alice lost her way, she knows these deserts more in the dark then in the light. What happened, where are they?” Franklin called out. “Thieves?” the thought stuck him, “They didn't have any weapons that I know of. Could it be that they were, no,” Frank picked up the gun that was leaning up against the helicopter, swung the strap over his shoulder and started through the miles of sand. As he went along the more he thought about what could happen to them the faster he walked, soon his fast walking turned into a quick run. He climbed over sand dunes, jumped over fallen dead trees and climbed up rock formations. Before long he heard shots in the far distance, he quickened his steps to as fast as they could go, till he could see the flashes of rifles going back and forth. He jumped behind a sand dune and watched them for a moment till he realized that one side only had one gun while the other side had several. “Unless they got a whole mess of friends and are picking on one soldier that side is my side,” He waited for a moment then jumped over the sand dune and ran as fast as he could till he slid behind the sand dune with the single shooter, as he did someone pointed a gun at him. “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot! It’s me Frank!” he called out.


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