Friday, January 2, 2015


Tirzah (my sister) and I have been singing for almost five years now but I don't think we ever saw this coming. God has blessed us these past two years with the chances to sing at several places. 

Our first chance to sing publicly was at the 2013 WWII event honoring USMC veteran Edgar Harrell in front of about one hundred people. It was a great experience and helped us to "brake out of the shell of shyness" as Tirzah would say.

WWII Event 2013

Our next chance to sing publicly was at our Great Grandmother's 100th birthday in November of 2013 in front of several of our relatives. Our dear GG passed away a few weeks after her 101st birthday in 2014.

(We also had the chance to sing at the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum on the way back from CO in front of just our family).

GG's 100th Birthday

Next we sang for our parents at their 27th anniversary party in March of 2014 in front of a small group of people from our church.

Our Parent's 27th Anniversary

Our latest chance to sing publicly was at the Remembering WWII; Living History, Education and Honor event on September 27th 2014, in front of a huge crowd of people and several vets. We were further honored to sing the Star Spangled Banner acapella.

Remembering WWII, 2014

I hope to post some videos soon, but until then I hope you all enjoy the photos.

God has blessed us so much and we hope to use his gift in the following year a lot. Please pray for us as we seriously consider publishing several CDs. To God be the glory!

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