Monday, January 5, 2015

A Treasure

I know it isn't Mother's Day but I came across this poem I wrote for last years Mother's Day and thought some of you might enjoy it.

A mother is the heart of the home
Even if she doesn’t understand Chrome
A mother is a sweet consoler and friend
Even if she isn’t in the latest trend

Though best buddies may seem awesome
It’s a mother that helps you blossom
Whether stubborn girl or boy
She knows she can turn you out as a bundle of joy

Though she does have her faults in more places than one
It’s her pride and respect you’ll seek when you’re done
It’s her joy and her peace her laugh and her smile
That will rub off on you better than any new style

Your friends will head their separate ways
The ones you thought you’d have for the rest of your days
When disserted by others in times of distress
It’s that grey haired old lady in a dress
That will be by your side with a word of encouragement
Her love is the one that is permanent

So this mother’s days, while others forget the special woman in their lives
Weather mothers, sisters, or wives
Remember that special woman with a word a gift or a prayer

And don’t be forgetful, instead out of your life give a little care

1 comment:

  1. Excellent poem Alyssa:) so encouraging:) reminds me of this poem I wrote for my Mother:)